Arduino controlling QC

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Just new here and never used but about to use QC!! I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how best to connect to QC with Arduino? Basically I have Arduino being triggered by 4 sensors that I'm hoping will in turn trigger 4 quicktime movies each relating to one of the 4 sensors and what I really want to know is if I should use midi to do the communication with QC or can it be done with a serial command easily from Arduino e.g. Serial.print("A"); Thanks for any help, goatboy

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Re: Arduino controlling QC

kineme serial patch is a good start, if you hook in an old router or get a wifi or ethernet shield for your arduino you can put osc on it so you can send data that way midi is definitely an option as well. getting data from the arduino via serial in qc will most likely be the fastest way to get immediate results. sending data to the arduino via qc i think can be done as well. you would need to put your c++ code into the serial string. like i said i think it can be done but i usually flash the arduino with processing and just read the sensors. mansarti has a good example. you will have to experiment, it is entirely possible to sew in some sensors to your jacket and vj by touching your self. there is this guy i think his name is eboman he does some cool audio visual live sampling triggering by a sensors. offonol is doing some pretty cool sensor dress stuff for motion capture kind of making the video with the sensor approach.