ArtDMX receive to Midi or OSC. How?

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I am new to QC, but I have a decent understanding of Art-Net. How do I get from the ArtDMX receive to turning that data into OSC or Midi I can use in VDMX?

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Re: ArtDMX receive to Midi or OSC. How?

The artnet info is just the artnet info... you can't "convert" it in QC once it's in their (that I know of), you just have to sort it and use it as is.

I don't really use VDMX (other than opening it up to see how it works a couple of times).... I'm not where it makes sense to patch in artnet with that app, or if it can be done in a way that makes sense at all.

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Re: ArtDMX receive to Midi or OSC. How?

Actually I got it working as needed for a test.

I just was having trouble figuring out how to get data from the keyed channel structure into OSC or MIDI. but I discovered to use a structured key member in my qtz before I use an OSC sender.

Now my issue is that the ArtDMX receive loses connection for a fraction of a second when in any constant change in dmx is occurring, such as a crossfade. This results in jumping to 0 briefly and then going back to the correct level.

DMX data source is MagicQ PC with DMX rate output set to Mixed + Changes Only. have not tried other types. (MagicQ is awesome in that you can specifcy the DMX rate configuration based on some presets)

So I just need to figure out how to make that connection over artnet more robust. Or I need to make a way for the data persist in QC for the time it drops out.

For now I have a result that is worth continuing with. This starting towards allowing me to use my light console to control VDMX!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all so far Kineme. sure I will be purchasing next week if i can figure out how to overcome dropped frames.

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Open DMX over Ethernet fixes issue

So I hooked my Open DMX over Ethernet by Enttec into the Mac Pro running QC and the problem with dropped frames of DMX disappeared.

Would still like to have a solution that works over ethernet with direct connectivity to my PC running MagicQ.

I have to say this is an incredible product. Thanks Kineme!!!