Art-net Patch.. Will in run in unicast mode?

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Does anyone know if the art-net patch will run in Unicast mode? ( as defined in the art-net standard )

This should happen when the Art-net transmitter ( the patch ) sends an art-net-poll, and the nodes reply. the data to those nodes that reply can be sent in unicast rather than broadcast..

Why is this important.. The work load on a art-net node to look at many universes of data is pretty big.. If it just received data that it needed it can cope a whole lot better.. When the device is a small micro-controller ( propeller ), it falls over when its more than 4 universes )..

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Re: Art-net Patch.. Will in run in unicast mode?

No, currently Kineme Art-Net Tools only supports sending and receiving ArtDmx Broadcast data. (The ArtPoll and ArtPollReply parts of the spec are not implemented.)

We're open to expanding Art-Net Tools to support ArtPoll and ArtDmx Unicast at some point, but we're booked at the moment. Contact us offboard if you're interested in commissioning the development and we'll figure out a timeline.