Audio Input Buffer Issues

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When using the Kineme Audio Input tool I have noticed that any audio playing on the computer starts to sound like there are major issues with the playback buffer, cutting in and out sort of randomly (sounds like white noise on top of the audio).

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Oh, and it's on an 8-core Mac Pro with plenty of RAM, so the machine itself isn't the issue.

I've got a Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882, and it is super low-latency... I do full duplex recording with it all the time and I don't run in to any issues doing similar things in Max/MSP.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Audio Input Buffer Issues

Is it just audio output from QC, or system-wide audio output. If it's the latter, it's a driver problem (or, at least, Kineme Audio stuff is using cookie-cutter CoreAudio APIs, no treachery or anything). [possibly saturating firewire? are you on FW400 or FW800?]

IF it's audio from within QC, there could be a number of things causing this -- try to provide some more details (what's generating audio output, what other patches are in use, etc).

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Re: Audio Input Buffer Issues

It is system-wide audio output. The patches don't have anything to do with audio creation, purely used for visuals.

I'm on Firewire 400...

The strange thing is I never have this issue when I'm doing volume peak analysis in Max/MSP on the same machine.

I originally ran Max/MSP and QC side-by-side, with Max/MSP doing the audio analysis and then sending MIDI to QC, but there was a decent amount of latency in this setup (it's too bad that OSC is broken in QC, that might have fixed it). Then I discovered Kineme, and the latency went away completely, however, the audio buffer issues appeared. Luckily, for live performance, we only need the computer to handle the visuals, as we use the venue's PA for audio (we're a live rock band). However, I really want to do some stuff running off of one computer...

I'll try experimenting with another firewire box we've got laying around and see if it's just an issue with the 2882.

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Re: Audio Input Buffer Issues

Sorry, totally OT. Do you play drums by chance?

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Re: Audio Input Buffer Issues

I do, but not in this band... I'm playing rhythm guitar and singing while controlling the visuals with a Roland FC-300... I should make a little video of our setup and share the QC controller patch I made to connect with the Roland... - if you're interested. No videos yet :/