Blender and Quartz

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Hi all, I have made an object in blender and exported it as an .obj for the life of me i can not get it to load in quartz. I am a newbie to this but desperate to make a good VJ project! I have downloaded kineme3d 1.1 and it seems to be loaded. But cant get my .obj to appear or even load into quartz.

Any help would be appreciated and i am sure you will get good karma for doing so lol.

All the best!

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Re: Blender and Quartz

Do the KIneme 3D example compositions work?

If they do, then Kineme 3D is also working.

If your composition is not working within a working Kineme 3D environment, then it is highly likely that the fault lies with your 3D file.

Try loading this 3D file in its place.

It should load.

Also, as has been frequently observed, .obj files are the slowcoach of the 3d file format family.

So do try outputting in maybe an .fbx or other file format.

The free of charge__ Autodesk Software Kit__ has a convertor app included.

It could also be that you've inadvertently saved a .obj that has no face - It's the 3d shape without a face - a comic strip of the future :-)

Of course it could also be that working with 3d models tend to work without fail so long as you make sure that the 3d models source path is like kept to its file name and then you save the composition into the folder containing the 3d model, as in the attached example

wagon example.zip241.6 KB

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Re: Blender and Quartz

Thankyou for the help. I have most of the 3d images working from the demos including the knight and goblin animation. Because of this i tried exporting from blender in.md2 but its saying i need to have a mesh which i dont understand at all. I stilll cant seem to load my blender image in quartz i think i may have done something wrong when building the image. This is getting frustrating and i thought it was going to be easy!

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Re: Blender and Quartz

Perhaps the best thing would be for you to post up a zip archive of the .obj that is causing you your problems.

You can open them in a text editor.

See some of the posts from this link

.obj and Kineme 3D

They might help to point you in the right direction.

Otherwise - if you find that other 3d example models , .obj or not, that are supported by the Kineme 3D plugin, are loading then the problem is likely to be about face information and mesh information as required.

See Blender Help

for further information.

See Blender Models for some easy to use, well made Blender models.