Compiling XCode projects w/ resources

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I did a little searching, but I wasn't able to come up with much. Can anyone explain to me how to include a resource like a font used in a composition when compiling it into an application? Any tutorials that I can be pointed to? Thanks!

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To add a resource, simply drop it in the Resources folder of the project (in Xcode). Then, make sure it's in the Copy Files build phase of the Target (use disclosure triangles to reveal that) -- that makes sure the file gets copied into the bundle.

That's only pat of it though -- making use of said resources is a bit more tricky. for an app, there are some convenience methods to access them, but there's no such mechanism in QC. I don't know that you're able to use custom fonts without "installing" them first.

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Hrm that's what I did, I

Hrm that's what I did, I assumed I was doing something wrong. Boo, oh well.'s picture
Fonts in QC

cwright wrote:
I don't know that you're able to use custom fonts without "installing" them first.

I have been wanting to ask somebody how to a. list the available fonts in QC (read online somewhere not all open fonts are available and experimentation seems to bear this out) and b. how to "install" other fonts for use in QC (as opposed to XCode – i'm not a coder) if possible.

This discussion seemed like a good place to ask. Apologies for lowering the mean erudition of these forums with my noob questions.

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a. how to list fonts: Not Possible.

b. how to install fonts for use in QC: not possible from within QC (the only way I've seen to install fonts is to go through the font book app thing... you can probably copy them somewhere to get them to work, but I've never tried it.)

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A-OK (oops)

So font names are case sensitive (and space/no-space between words sensitive)... any activated font seems to be available to QC not just system fonts as I was lead to believe, I guess that would seem pretty logical. Wish I looked harder before posting ;).

I'm using suitcase to turn the fonts on and off and QC auto-updates to new fonts like a good app should. :)