Custom App / Ressoureces folder and path

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Hi, i'm building a custom app, using "KnM Structure from file" to read some params. at startup. I would like to include the structure file in my bundle, so that everything stays within one app container. Should i put the file in the Ressources folder, or somewhere else ? How should i declare its path in the QTZ ? The doc says "use a tilde" for user files (located in any "Home" folder), use / for absolute paths, and use nothing for composition relative path. However, i'm not using a QC renderer, but a QC view, so the actual QTZ file is embedded in the Xib. I feel here that i should use a composition relative path, but using "/Ressources/" doesn't work. Any ideas ?

Or should i load it programmatically (which at this point i don't know how to).

Any help truly welcome !

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i think this is helpfull for you:

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Re: AppController

Having just re-implemented Official/Unofficial plugin loading for QuartzBuilder, I don't think your method there is correct -- you're using the official api class to load unofficial api plugins. That might work, but I'm not certain. (I know the converse does not work: Loading official api plugs with unofficial-api calls will fail).

Anyway, resources are handled quite differently, as it's the patch's execute method that does the loading, and it isn't done in advance.

In March, I asked about setting up a CompositionURL to allow built-in compositions to load files from a specific folder. In response, Troy said in effect "oops, we don't have a way to do that". I found a hackaround to add this, so fire me an e-mail and I'll try to get you up to speed. It's only 4-6 lines of code (though dealing with a QCView might be interesting...).