Environmental Protection

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Many of the crash logs we're getting (and many of the problems we're hunting down recently) are caused in part because people have duplicate plugins installed, sometimes with different versions. Additionally, a bunch of console logs indicate plugins placed in the wrong folders (some official-api ones in Patches, some unofficial-api ones in PlugIns, etc).

How would y'all feel about a tool that scanned the QC environment (like Composition Tool), and tidied up stuff (moved incorrectly placed plugins, removed/disabled duplicates, provided information on what it would change, etc)?

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environ protection

something like that would be greatly appreciated.

thanx for great work so far

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Updates check

It could be a nice tool. Could it check for updates ? (Even in Beta mode for active users !)

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separate but equal

updating would probably be best-served by KinemeCore or on a per-plugin basis. This tool wouldn't be used for that.

The auto-update functionality is definitely something else we're considering though -- thanks for bringing that into the discussion.

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is most need it.

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the tidy up might help. for some reason when i take the offending plugs out of the official api plugins folder none of my plugins work at all. my other systems seem to work like they are supposed to. something has seemed to go wrong with my plugin migration. but yes a kineme core plugin garbage collector and automatic revision update would be pretty useful. like right now i want to get the new core but there isn't a link for it. its hard to keep up with you guys, your crankin out the goodness.

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What the heck is this plugin? I can't figure it out!!!

I've been poking around, cleaning up a few things, consolidating... I know this is official API, I just fail to see it in my patch list... (ok, I admit I'm not looking very hard... too tuckered out).

I did a "move" of everything about a week ago to my user folder that wound up in a total system restore, and I'm not too much of a doofus when it comes to knowing where to put what, so that was kind of surprising. I'm now taking it one patch/plugin at a time.

.. actually, the only thing that was "wrong" is that I happened to have an ancient version of kinemecore and gl tools loaded in a plugins folder from when I first stumbled on this website (but they were inactive and not messing anything up it seems). I still need to doublecheck the v002 stuff though...

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This is a tiger-era unofficial-api plugin from qcplugins.com.

It features a few patches inside: * iTunes * Sound * Motion Sensor * Some kind of parent patch (not sure what it does -- looks like it pops up a paypal donate window or something?)

Probably not useful these days.

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thats not the qc plugin foo bar ?? tried looking at the source for qc plugin at source forge but seems to be like some market research or something cause the app installs. tried running the 10.5 installer. still thinks it is tiger i guess....it did put some lib files in my system... pretty sure i don't need the motion sensor files. i got a motion sensor plugin from google, pretty useless as far as art is concerned. tilt and motion are great for saving that HD though.

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I would love this. At what

I would love this.

At what point is Apple going to hire you guys for all this stuff you're fixing?

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Re: Environmental Protection

this would totally be valuable as i find it is confusing to know what should go where!