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sorry to bother everyone with this stupid question

but where is the heightfield patch I want to open the blobber comopsition and the twirler one and it says im missing that patch

any help?

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Re: Heightfield

That qtz needs the Kineme3D plugin to run. If you don't have that, you can demo it.

Here's the thing - if you are a new user, go into your profile, and make the correct setting to indicate that you wish to be a beta tester. Then, you will be able to download any of the beta plugins. If you download Kineme3D to run this composition, you would actually need to run the latest beta.

You don't strictly need Kineme3D to do extrusion like this, but for me, Kineme3D had been a really worthwhile plugin to have, and has basically been the defacto route for doing anything involving 3D in Quartz Composer. Even though Snow Leopard allows you to load dae's and do some 3D manipulation, Kineme3D adds quite a bit of options, and is a pretty nice compliment.