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When more than one patches are selected (or highlighted) in Editor and Kineme contextual menu item Publish All Inputs to Root is invoked, only one patch offers up it's (noodle free) inputs for publishing. Happens to be the patch clicked on.

Compare with Publish All Inputs menu item which offers up the inputs of all the available inputs of all the selected patches. Not sure if this is intentional or overlooked. Needless to say I just found a good use for all inputs of all patches being offered up :)

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Re: Latest KinemeCore 20090430 (0.4)

oops, you're right -- good bug hunting. will be fixed in next beta.

By The Way, have you noticed any performance problems with 20090430? I've been hearing about some problems, but only from a single user, so I'm not sure if it's actually kinemeCore, or something else... (I personally am running a slightly-newer build, but haven't noticed any problems at all)'s picture
Re: Latest KinemeCore 20090430 (0.4)

I've only just had it going a couple of days and no heavy use. So far, so very good.