Live HD steams

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Hi! Been QC-offline for a while, but with new projects awaiting I´m trying to recap my options for mixing live video streams in QC 4.

I´d appreciate your views on this.

So, anyone out there mixing two HD streams ?

I was mixing PAL on a DFG-1394 with HD on an Intensity Pro with OK results up until QC 3 broke the ability to select DFGs Pal input. (Still kind of works, but only presents NTSC)

Upon installing the Intensity, capture from an older analog Deckling card was also broken.

So in QC3 I was stuck mixing HD with a Pal camera connected by composite to a Sony DSR11, then Firewire to QC. Latency and resolution of course not optimal…

Two Intensity Pros should mix out of the box in Blackmagics own software. But I have seldom seen QC accepting two signals from two equal devices. (Though I was able to fool it with two DGFs back in QC 2)

Witch brings me to the later MXO-mini…

But a Matrox representative states: “Having both the Intensity Pro and the MXO drivers installed on the same system might generate conflicts”

He is talking about the MXO, not the mini, but I guess problems would be similar.

Also there is the instability issue, as demonstrated by vade: even before introduing another device.

Two HD sources at decent framerate/latecy, as far as I can see, would still only be viable on desktops? The Axis HD cameras might work, but I guess the quality/functions here is as expected from a surveillance camera.

Also, I’m interested to hear if anyone has connected the new SLR HD cameras with success.

Happy winter. Boya

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Re: Live HD steams

i would personally advise you to stay away from the matrox mxo2. Drivers are bad, QC will only accept YUV with this card, for some unknown reasons. I've got one MXO2 mini lying on a shelf, if someone is interested, i would be happy to sell it at a discounted price ....

I've switched now to a deckling HD extreme (whose drivers and electronics are equivalent to the intensity pro, for the hdmi part), and it is working great, at any resolutions, ntsc or pal, yuv or rgb.

The matrox is a baad product, imho.

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Re: Live HD steams

Thanks! Think I´ll pass that gracious offer for now. But did you at any point try the mxo-mini running at the same time as the declkink? 2 HD feeds.

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Re: Live HD steams

no i haven't. but i should since i own both cards. will try that if i got the time to test within the next days.

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Re: Live HD steams

Thanks franz, if you do get it running, maybe you could do a trasition, or opacity fade between the two just to see if your machine ingests it smoothly?