Mobile Phone Orchestra

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Thought this was interesting - a Mobile iPhone Orchestra :-) - lots of other possibilities there, I wouldn't wonder.

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Re: Mobile Phone Orchestra

Dig the wrist speakers. heh. :-)

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Re: Mobile Phone Orchestra

i love the iphone music apps. i got a bunch of them. its funny i remember spending lots of money on gear and now you can buy a 5 dollar iphone app that does the same stuff.

check this track out. its made freestyle with 2 ipods. one pod running an iDrum sequence and the other running Flare. im actually really impressed with both those applications. id rather scratch on an ipod than a real turntable now.

i made this recording just so some people on the internet wouldn't think flare was a joke because there are a grip of crappy turntable emulators.

im still uncertain if performing with an ipod is cool or not. i used to be kind of cheese to dj but with an ipod but now the OS has changed everything. so not sure if i went to a turntable battle with my ipod if people would laugh or not. i couldn't care either way. the recording speaks for its self.

39 sec scratch demo and drum machine demo....