Movie Loader

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I am just starting out with QC.

I am having a problem with movie loader - it seems that the "movie position" and "movie duration" properties output to some patches but not others. For example if I connect "movie position" to the X Position of a billboard, the billboard gets the data OK but if I connect it to a javascript it doesn't. Even though the receiving data types are numbers in both cases. Probably I am missing something fundamental. Any help would be great.

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Re: Movie Loader

Anything that generates values in QC has to be hooked up to a "pink" consumer/render patch, before that "part of the chain" is activated. Try hooking up the output of that java patch to a sprite input, or other render, and then see if it something "catches" the data.

If that's not working still, it could possibly be a problem with the java patch.