N-Body.qtz - not working on iMac 24"

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The Apple Developer Example N-Body.qtz simply doesn't work whatsoever at all in QC, even after applying the recently posted tip from Steve Elbows [thanks for that tip, Steve].

It may be a hardware related issue and I have posted the automatic crash report to Apple.

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar problem with this item.

GT gave us a detailed many bases post about various aspects of QC4, and mentioned N-Body as being pretty active.

An experience I am as yet to share :-(

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Re: N-Body.qtz - not working on iMac 24"

I went back into QC, Alt + Preferences, unchecked QCEnableCLProfiling, that I had previously flagged to profile OpenCL - N-Body.qtz ran :-)

I then tried flagging QCDisableCLOpenGLSharing and N-Body.qtz would not run , whilst QC went into a permanent hang, unflagged the same and N-Body.qtz ran, [again].