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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and with the digital scene and I found Quartz very good start. Well...I found this today, the NETLab, I would like to know if is it possible to integrate with Quartz? Do you guys have heard about it?

thx, TATu

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It's possible, but not without a lot of work. Also, the flash-based parts won't work so well (webkit rendering leaves a lot to be desired in QC, and there's really no point in having a composition render an alternative patcher interface...)

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wow thats pretty interesting, i don't do much with flash anymore but got to love the art center for pushing out cool things like this. some of my best friends went to the art center. they have an awesome automotive design program. i used to hang out there a lot. now im on the other side of the country but thanks for bringing this to my attention.

it says they are using a port of java OSC so depending on how you set up your arduino if you have a ethernet shield etc you are able to do this sort of stuff in QC. kimene actually has a serial plugin that works great with arduino. lets say you flash a potentiometer knob program onto the arduino then you should be able to get the serial info from the knob into qc to rotate something, i think you can actually go back out the serial patch as well to the arduino. i use it for more reading than writing but like chris said its all entirely possible but its not all that easy.

theoretically you can use quartz as a web site and with the xbee or a ethernet shield its possible for people on the internet to mess with your arduino servos over an internet connection if you host your own web server etc...

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Thanx for the answers! I'll play arround and see what can I do with it.