OSC IP Address

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More and more I am using OSC to control applications across a network and the inability to publish the IP address is a real pain. It means I cannot use quartz builder to rap up apps as I need to get to the IP address through QC.

Firstly is there a way round this that I have not thought of?

Secondly I was wondering if anyone was thinking of modifying the standard OSC plugin to do this? I have seen Mansteri's plugin but you need one for each item to be sent so I was hoping someone might be able to adapt the original plugin.

I may be able to put some hard cash towards getting this plugin realised so let me know your thoughts. Steve

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Re: OSC IP Address

in theory, it shouldn't be too difficult to modify the built-in patch, but it's also non-trivial (as the ip fields are separated, and deeply super-classed).

if you'd like more information, please email info@kineme.net, and we can discuss details of this further.

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Re: OSC IP Address

if chris can't sort you out i can build a plug-in to do this but if your trying to actually change apples built in OSC plug-in so you don't have to refactor your code then chris is your man. vimeo/dvjdust