Organizing 'Quartz Composer Awards'

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Hi! I just made a group on vimeo called Quartz Composer Awards and its all what it means. I would like to create a group of participants to post your best composition:

1 - Best audioreactive/performance RealTime: The animation and sound is one of our main feauters. Realtime compositions interacting with sounds / music.

2 - Best Design Composition; tutorial and description notes: For many of us it is greate to learn from the masters. Appreciate to those QcFiles with comments and patches well orginized and 'Pasta al Dente'

3 - Best QC Plugins: New triks, new features, new PLUGINS!!

4 - Best Video FX: That's it, a new or re-designed video effect.

5 - Best Video Render: A full video of 30sec with anything you like.

6 - Special mention project/web reference: Those references and people's sites we like.

If you think that other category would fit, I will create it. I would like a open award competition and also everyboy can collaborate and decide, Also If you wish I can make you a moderator. (send me an mail in vimeo explaining what you can contribute) I am offonoll @ vimeo. So the idea is to vote with LOVE 'I LIKE' button. The stats are saved on the group so it is necesary to watch it through the QC Award Group.

A_ We can decide for the awards day / final day, and also how often we want to do this. Once a year or 4 times a year.

B_ Award. To participate is already a good thing.

C_ Most important thing, I would like to have every video with a .qcFile, so I would probably make a widget box or another dropbox account.

Here is the link and first of all, we all need to be subscripted.

I really would like to hear your comments.

I will post this to the forum groups. Thank's!

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Re: Organizing 'Quartz Composer Awards'

I like how everyone joins the group but the thread here is totally dead :)

This was suggested here ages back, but nothing much ever happened. If the vimeo thing takes off, perhaps it's worth a front page link here so it gets seen more?

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Re: Organizing 'Quartz Composer Awards'

probably so -- I've not heard much, if any, discussion on it (outside of the vimeo thread itself), so I'm not sure how to gauge popularity...