QuartzCrystal Video issues

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Here are a couple of videos I made with the demo: http://fg.98115.net:4520/~max/fracstuff/QC/Mandelbrot6render8.mov http://fg.98115.net:4520/~max/fracstuff/QC/Mandelbrot6render7.mov Here are the settings I used for one of them: http://fg.98115.net:4520/~max/fracstuff/QC/Picture%2053.png

If I were to buy the full version, I believe the black boxes will go away, but what about all the other messed up junk?

I'm mainly interested in large renderings (and with the command line tool, they work fine, GUI limits to 2048*2048), but making videos might be nice too.

I did make an mpeg-4 version and it seems to have worked ok, but to did my previous shorter/smaller tests with cinepac.

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Re: QuartzCrystal Video issues

I think it's because the unregistered QuartzCrystal


defaces the rendered output movies

to quote from the product page

Otherwise not sure, except to say that cinepak setting with an example animation file - Developer's folder - works just fine, as does the GLSL Mandelbrot and Julia, even when given some graphic "throttle".

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Re: QuartzCrystal Video issues

In part, its due to it being unregistered (the black boxes are the intentional defacing), but the pixel garbage is a side effect of CoreImage sucking -- Certain rendering operations (especially certain GLSL functions and some other GL operations that CoreImage sometimes makes use of) will fail when the QuartzCrystal images are filtered through CoreImage (CoreImage filtering is necessary for antialiasing, motionblur, and unregistered defacing) -- When registered, an alternative, simpler path is used that avoids CoreImage, and those problems go away.

Thanks for the tips on the built-in compositions producing those (I've been looking for reliable, simple compositions that do that, but only have a couple on hand), makes tracking down the problem easier.