Render Window/ Editor Quirks

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Every so often I get a quirk where, when I stop render on QC, I don't have the checker background, but a grey background. 99% of the time this means noting, and the checkerboard pops back/loads at some point. Every once in a while, it seems to signal a larger hose up, and I just shut QC down, restart, and all is well.

This may happen when there are many qtz's open, but I'm not 100% sure. I think it can happen with just one qtz, and that you don't need a bunch of windows.

Does anyone else have that happen?

Another thing that happens occasionally is that when I go to input a value in a port, the "blank space" opens up way lower or higher (lower mainly I believe), than where the port actually lives. It works ok, but it's weird.

Just wondering if anyone else runs into either of those quirks.

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Re: Render Window/ Editor Quirks

The grey window thing is a GL/Intel driver characteristic (happens a lot with extensive Kineme3D/ParticleTools usage, from my experience) -- I've never had it happen on non-intel GPUs, but I've not worked on them as extensively, so it might be an Apple GL library thing..

The blank space thing usually opens in the wrong place when zooming is weird, or when you're using KinemeCore's publish-to-root functionality (since the publish-to-root functions don't try to pretty up the text box positioning, they can wind up all over the place sometimes :)

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Re: Render Window/ Editor Quirks

That makes sense, since I use those heavily, and have been using a great deal of kineme3D and particle systems.

Sometimes I amaze myself at how many qtz's I end up having open at the same time... I think that brings a bit of it on as well. I mean, before long, I might have 20+ open ( I know that is bad), because I refer back to certain qtz's alot. Not big on the virtual stuff, (and I say that having a crapload of clips and virtual things, but I rarely use any of it, and it's all from my first couple of months in QC, and partially from raiding the internals of some apple programs).

Maybe, in the future, I'm just going to bite the bullet and load a bunch of typical GLSL's, structure, directory file loader, etc etc macros as virtual, so that I don't get "window-itis". Maybe even compositions (ala "my clips", etc) though the patch list could turn into a nightmare.

One thing that seems exceedingly dumb in QC is how virtual patches work fine via the patch list, but clips don't, and you have to double click. I feel like clips should just have been "auto-virtualized".

...but I do have a library of macro type stuff that I just open, copy/paste. I think sometimes QC gets fuzzy on which one is "on top" even if you've touched on the editor of the one you are working on once.

Sometimes I'll have just worked on an editor surface, pull up the patch list, then click for the patch to go onto the editor, and QC doesn't remember which one I was just editing! Yikes.'s picture
Re: Render Window/ Editor Quirks

I've noticed sometimes when I quickly move cursor and click/double-click in the Editor it goes "through to the keeper (cricket term)" and the finder window underneath the editor window gets the mouse event! Interesting…

I haven't logged the occurrence percentage but perhaps it is directly proportional to the transparency setting on the editor window. ;)