Slideshow.framework no longer?

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I guess that the Slideshow.framework, private framework, is no longer with SL?

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Re: Slideshow.framework no longer?

What was the slide show framwork my friend. Is it something I will really miss? I'm contemplating on installing sl over my leopard now. Might as well forget the past look forward to the future without any regrets and turn the transition into s postive one. I'm still intrigued what the slideshow was or is.

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Re: Slideshow.framework no longer?

I'm trying to find a Tiger install I have laying around, because I can't find what I'm looking for in Leopard either actually...

I'm looking for a particular qtz that supposedly is inside of that framework. I'm looking back through my Leopard partition, and I don't see it. (I'm doing a ...slideshow(!) for a friend, and I wanted to look at that qtz. I don't really need it, as I have a setup that does it already - it was for my own curiosity. It's totally understandable for private frameworks to disappear or change.

As far as wiping out Leopard on my HD, it works for me to have a few partitions going. I wind up flipping between a "fully loaded" (patches/plugins) Leopard install, and SL install that I'm gradually introducing patches and plugins into. I have one "clean" Leopard partition, that I tend to use for audio recording. I'm contemplating making that a clean SL partition but leaning against it.

So, I like to look around in SL at the new stuff and poke around out of interest. Some of the things that are broken aren't really arguable, they just are, and it's hard to construe them as positive. Things like the broken GLSL, and CI glitches are actually way worse of a thing to me than lack of OpenCL support across the board, but the OpenCL wonkiness isn't exactly a plus either.

The new underlying bugs and crazy change of GUI and patch colors undeniably make QC less appealing (to me). I wish they would have at least kept the same color coding. That's something that just makes me go "why?" It was totally pointless, even if they wanted to go with the dark glossy look, they still could have kept the basic color scheme. That's a fairly major change to basically inflict on the user base, without any real positives that I've found so far.

Sometimes it's the thought process that must have went into something that is more disturbing than the change itself!

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Re: Slideshow.framework no longer?

would have been nice to be UI scheme switchable.

Slideshow.framework is part of the Developer SDK


but even the Leo version had no .qtz in it. It won't play ball by changing it's extension, unlike some items, bless 'em.

Are you sure you aren't having a combined case of searcher's blindness and homonymic confusion, GT :-), like looking for the slideshow.qtz example called Slide.qtz

/Developer/Library/Quartz Composer/Examples/Graphic Animations/Slide.qtz

edit || after running round the park in one direction - at a lean towards Leo , lets trying running backwards to Tiger - 'cos Tiggers are wonderful fun :-) I shall look out for my install DVD for Tiger, my backup copy just doesn't run true to form at all, posibbly later , got to a promise to fulfil and keep ||edit

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Re: Slideshow.framework no longer?

Actually, I was reading an online article that suggested that there was a qtz in this location (SlideshowTransition.qtz). I'm definitely not mixing the qtz's up, just having my curiosity piqued by this article, and trying to find the file that's being referred to:

Look under "Uses".

Since I was in SL, I went ahead and looked for the framework referred to, and saw that there wasn't a framework in the suggested location (well, this makes good sense that this is a possibility between OS versions). Later, I noticed the framework is there in Leopard, but no qtz. Maybe this is a Tiger reference? It's really only of mild interest, not a big deal.

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Re: Slideshow.framework no longer?

hey be careful if you eventually upgrade your partition george. i would do a clean erase install if i where you. i just tried to update my leopard to sl and it didn't go over to well all kinds of back track errors in qc, ended up just nuking my drive because SL was pretty much unmanageable on an upgrade.

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Re: Slideshow.framework no longer?

Well , you will need a Tiger DVD install disk, a backup DVD that doesn't boot will not allow for the files you seek to be extracted.

I think you will need a Tiger partition booted upon which you can extract the files.

I guess the way to go, apart from any Boot Camp x86 variants is to partition , install Tiger to one partition, Leopard to another, and SL to the third partition.

Interestingly enough CEX sells a 2nd hand Tiger DVD for £40.00, thats just under £15.00 more than the Snow Leopard Credit Crunch price DVD :-)

How ironic •~

How droll

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Re: Slideshow.framework no longer?

(sorry to step "out" of the thread)

George -- there are a handful of threads on this site that get endless commentary when a single reply could suffice.

Instead of whipping out Boot Camp, or repartitioning, or whatever, I have decided to help you on your quest.

I dusted off my 250GB time machine backup drive. It also doubles as a bare-bones Tiger installation (back when we actually did Tiger/Leopard crossover plugins - ha!)

Sure enough, here's what I found:

cwright@phendrana:/Volumes/External250/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Slideshow.framework>find . | grep qtz

(man, I love unix :)

I'll pm you the qtz.

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Re: Slideshow.framework no longer?

Sweet, thank you kind Sir.