Suggested Audio Input Device

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Hey guys,

So, I posted a few months ago about how I was having issues with the audio buffer with the Audio Input patch... on a machine that used Audio Input whilst playing music through the same device, the music would get the same artifacts as when the audio buffer is maxing out...

Anyways, the synopsis was "it's got to be the device you're using". So, I tested it with another device, and it's doing the same thing.

What I'm wondering is, what devices does this work with?

What I need: A device with 8 audio inputs and at least 6 audio outputs, that can use all 8 audio inputs with the Kineme Audio Input patch, as well as handling the routing of audio...

So, here's the thing, again... when I do this using Max/MSP, my current hardware boxes (a Metric Halo Mobile i/O and my buddies MOTU that I tested) have no problem... no audio buffer issues. However, both tweak out when I use Kineme Audio Input.

We've gotten around the issue by having a separate computer for audio and visuals, but I need to find a solution to use with a single laptop for an upcoming event.


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Re: Suggested Audio Input Device

I've used multi-channel inputs on the EDIROL FA-101 and the Phonic Helix 18 successfully with Kineme AudioTools.

Could you elaborate on the problems you're experiencing? Which interfaces have you tried? Any console log messages? Screenshots of the corrupt buffer data?

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Re: Suggested Audio Input Device

I'll could record some audio of it when I get to the studio in a couple of hours... but basically, when I'm using Kineme AudioTools Audio Input patch any audio that is playing will sound like it is being mixed with "static white noise", if you know what I mean... it's the sound of the audio buffer now being able to handle itself properly. So, there are no issues with anything visual in nature, so no screenshots are necessary. There are no console log messages related to it. And when I say that "any audio playing" causes this, it could be Ableton Live or even just iTunes. It's a shame that it does it with my Metric Halo, because it is such a freaking nice converter box... however, it did the same thing with a MOTU (can't remember the model right now) box that my buddy let me borrow.

Chris told me it had to do with the drivers from Metric Halo, and I contacted them, and they told me they were up to spec... and again, this never happens with Max/MSP...

so I dunno, I'm probably just going to keep my Metric Halo box for when I need pristine recording and buy something with cheaper converters and pre-amps for when I need it for QC... such a shame though, because how many 8 in/8 out boxes have pre-amps and phantom power on all 8 ins?

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Re: Suggested Audio Input Device

For clarity, are you trying to run 8 analog out of the D/A using your DAW software, and then piping that back through the A/D, and then to QC?

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Re: Suggested Audio Input Device

No, the inputs come from external sources... microphones and line inputs from keyboards, DI boxes, etc... They go in to the A/D, where ideally they are picked up by the QC Audio Input as well as Mainstage... for live situations we currently just use the computer running QC for visuals, as the house PA handles all of the mixing... we run a couple of outs from the mixing console to the A/D box, for the triggers/audio analysis. This works fine, but I'm going to be doing some smaller performances without the luxury of a venue's PA. Typically when we've played places where we need to set up our own PA we've either rented a mixer to go with our speakers or brought along another computer to handle the sound. It'd be nice to have an all-in-one package, though... I played around with using Max/MSP to analyze the audio before sending it to QC via OSC but it introduced a good amount of delay in to the processing chain... but it did get rid of the audio buffer issues. Also, I did try to use Jack and Soundflower to route audio from the DAW in to QC, but I was getting the same audio buffer issues.