check for NULL

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i'm sure this has been answered a couple times, i just can't manage to find it on the forum using the search function (it returns too many crash logs posted here, containing NULL) Would someone have the kindness to enlight me on how to check for NULL ? I simply want to check if an input is present.

Thanks for your response.

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Re: check for NULL

I'm not sure if this applies in every single scenario (thought I'm pretty sure it does). My first route to see if any output port has a non-null value (sidestepping semantics of 0 and null and the way this is convoluted in QC), is to put a splitter on the Editor and switch it to Boolean. Then I take whatever output port I want to see if there is a signal for, connect it to the input of the Boolean, and then onto wherever it is supposed to go next.

I'm attaching a qtz.

Check Output w:Boolean Splitter.qtz3.82 KB