h e x l e r . n e t (TouchOSC) released "qcOSC-v0.2"

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Re: h e x l e r . n e t (TouchOSC) released "qcOSC-v0.2"

I'm trying. has been very quick to setup with osculator. inlets are issued automatically. so far no errors. wonderfull!!!

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Re: h e x l e r . n e t (TouchOSC) released "qcOSC-v0.2"

not sure what problems there are with apples osc implementation, but this plugin is worthless. the auto population of node ports is awesome when you don't have any idea what name space you are to receive. so like osculator its cool to auto connect, but when do you not know the name space ? anybody messing with osc knows that you need a name space to parse the packets. i just like because you don't have to type and add the name spaces, its pointless really other than a time saver, if you could randomly auto connect node ports or auto publish input outputs that would make better use of the feature "auto"

touch osc was the first app i ever bought at an expensive 4 bucks, it was miss leading because there is no multi touch feature, i bought it because it said OSC. hexlers version of conways game of life was worth the dollar. i look forward to the fix of this plugin it will save time, plus the bonjour is pretty interesting. osculator is pretty dope, because it routes 2 virtual devices. most of osculator can be done in QC with kineme plugs.

i hope im not sounding negative i really look forward to this plugin. apples osc seems to work good for me, for most things that is. it gets bogged down when parsing and sending to multiple ports. i love quartz and osc i use it for everything that is OSC and well quartz pretty much as well. udp seems to be a better protocol to me, still i use osc for multi threaded communications and application bridging.

im not going to lie i bought every midi, osc application that there is on the app store for research i guess or maybe impulse. i must have downloaded i don't know how many useless apps, that sound cool by their descriptions only to delete them. i do inter disciplinary studies and ludology has been one of my disciplines the past 2 semesters, actually im switching my focus to spatial engineering research, because im really interested in cross modal stuff.

games are cool but for some reason using my ipod to control control a nasa satellite sounds more interesting. thats why im switching from games to spatial science. i evaluated the unity3d iphone port. defiantly will invest in that software some day. i suppose i could make a few squares attach some tuio, upd, or osc code to them and upload that to the app store. probably wouldn't take long to get the loot to buy unity 4 iphone, heck could probably even quit my job maybe. oh wait i don't have a job. lol

i put os 3 beta 3 on my ipod so pretty much the only app i got on it is memo's gold dust and jackson pollock. i just like the name gold dust for obvious reasons but honestly the pollock thing is wicked, its like my baby is an artist and i don't have to worry about paint getting everywhere.

as far as osc and the iphone are concerned i think it is limiting a possible constituency as it would relate to my interactive art. what im saying is you have to buy an app or download mrmr. hows that going to work at an art show ? do you have to hand out directions ?

you don't need to download or buy a multi touch 2 osc program. just use webkit safari and quartz composer. load up a web page on your iphone, then open up another web page on your computer that has a quartz composition in it. make sure your not using safari 4, quartz isn't working right in it. unity isn't either. can't really talk about safari for iphone 3 beta 3, but there are some cool integrated features. trust all this stuff is relatively new.

rrrr i mean it is all obviously forecasted technology for market share reasons. if you ask me the iphone actually came out a little late but at a good time for the general consumer maybe. why is the camera on the wrong side ? how do you star track video chat ?

blah blah

i want to see quartz composer for mobile safari. even better i want a qcView for iphone sdk. its apple software and apple hardware it should be available even if the gpu sucks on mobile. you just need to take that into consideration when making a patch for the iphone. i suppose i should look a the graph foundation and see how much of that foundation will work on the phone.

wish i had tim to investigate it seems memo and the ofx crew have got some sort of open gl layer that supposedly works on the phone. for some reason when i build ofx on my ipod the app opens and says open frameworks and crashes. don't have time to investigate im running a beta os, thankfully the jackson pollock, skype and vnc apps i have still work. none of the music stuff i have works besides the simple things like touch osc. i will wait for the general release and the app updates. i guess a few months of not being able to make beats on the toilet won't hurt.

blah blah complaining about time got to stop ranting about osc iphone stuff. i have to make some sort of polymorphic recursive graph traversal linked node maze game. the concepts are interesting i just don't like textual interface games i guess, and id rather type on kineme.