patch editing without inspector

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so i have seen a few vimeo's and one of kineme chris's keynote's and see how people can edit a patch variable by clicking on the macro patch itself then edit some numbers. how is this done ? is there a hot key for this ? is it a hack ? i think it would save me time if i didn't have to open the inspector all the time ?

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Re: patch editing without inspector

The hot key is "double click" -- any boolean, index, number, or string port can be edited in-editor by double clicking the port. Disclaimer: The port must be an input, must not be published, and editing a noodled connection will break the noodle.

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Re: patch editing without inspector

It's easy! Thank you.

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Re: patch editing without inspector

I never use the inspector unless editing settings. I think I've only used that for input values to see that it works. I wish there was a was of getting the settings while interacting with the editor so that I didn't have to use the inspector at all (other than the shortcut-key opening up the manual setting window).

I think you will see a big increase in speed of workflow Dust, pulling up that inspector is an extra step repeated a thousand or so times in making a qtz... learning the various key shortcuts can save a lot of time too. This was a really good question because I would bet that it actually isn't clear that you can edit values like that to others as well. I wonder if it's covered in the Apple docs... I thought it was, not sure.

I guess if anyone is new to editing the ports right on the editor, one may notice that when clicking on the port, occasionally the actual "blank" that you write your number/value in will shift out of alignment with where it should be... it can be quirky like that. A restart of QC is usually needed when that starts happening... but it is a superficial graphics/editor interface thing, it doesn't effect the actual composition negatively.

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Re: patch editing without inspector

Have you ever tried double clicking on the input circles? Is that what you mean?