read serial from arduino to QC then to QC to VDMX

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Hi everyone,

hope you are all good.

so I have a question and the situation is :

I want to control some visuals in VDMX with some serial datas incoming from an arduino board. Obviously there is a QC question, otherwise I would not have asked here :) So for the moment, I am using the kineme serial patch to receive the datas from the arduino to QC. It works fine. But what I wanted to do was to edit the QC patch to use those datas in VDMX. So I published the patch but it just did not work with VDMX.

Does someone know if there is a way to publish this QC patch so that it works with VDMX ?

Thanks heaps.

C ya. Jake.

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Re: read serial from arduino to QC then to QC to VDMX

i don't have vdmx right now, so i can not test this but possibly running a QC file in the background that takes your data from the arduino and sends it via safe OSC to your vdmx comp might work. maybe just putting input output splitters will help it seems thats the format vdmx likes.

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Re: read serial from arduino to QC then to QC to VDMX

Bumping this topic.

I am working to create something like the opposite... going from Quartz to arduino. I have a serial connection working, and a Arduino that will take a direct serial command; but I can't get this working with QC and the Serial Out patch.

When I change my USB port to something incorrect in the Serial IO patch, then back to the right port, the arduino amber LED blinks. I'm pretty sure this indicates Serial IO/QC is hitting the arduino. But, when I try and send a string (say, the character L for low (off), H for high (on); which work in the arduino serial line environment fine), no luck. Anyone have any tricks for getting this to work?