vade's plugins glitching

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in this composition vade's plugins are creating a 1" vertical band of glitch on the left side of the screen when i go to fullscreen. any idea why? i have the v002 blur setup to see it easily. mostly i want to use the analog glitch plugin...

triangles002.qtz235.11 KB

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It's the Fixed Ratio - K.I.S.S Solution

Wow, I had to reinstall one whole load of plugins to get your application up and then it went bleating for a patch called Toggle, which it probably needed to get it actually rendering at all. I did find a Toggle clip on the excellent QCWiki, but the composition wouldn't take a bite at it :-)

That aside, I finally got your composition running.

Was able to reproduce a similar artefaction.

Then I remembered.

This , I believe, has already been well covered.

It's all to do with bounds and the fact that vade's plugins work well if you aren't forcing a fixed ratio, which you are at 4:3. Switch your composition to Custom ratio and all should be well.

Custom Ratio - Quartz Composer's equivalent of One Size Fits All

{A bit of a PostScript digression, but it might well prove to be useful to create a hardware / software referenced tracking on user's bugs and feature extensions. There do seem to be certain specific differences between different video and CPU types worth noting and remembering.}

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Re: It's the Fixed Ratio - K.I.S.S Solution

ahhh! :oops: thank you so much for sussing this out!!! i set it up for 4:3 because my projector runs at 1024x768 and i just wanted to lock it for reference. i'm still learning!

certainly i need to consider what i post, but since most stuff i do is for personal / performance use, the issue with third party plugins not working on other machines (from the spirograph post) doesn't apply here. or did you mean something different? i assume that most folks around here responding to an issue like this would have the same tools i do (here it would be kineme 3d, gl tools and vade's stuff).

the toggle patch is another issue-- so sorry. i got this a good while back and use it all the time. forgot all about it. i'll have to watch this more closely when posting. it came from here (as you suspected):

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Re: It's the Fixed Ratio - K.I.S.S Solution


Just meant that if you want to avoid artefaction with patches that have bound / ratio pitfalls that the simplest of solutions work and work again. Certainly not a matter of considering overly what one posts at all.

I agree that most of us will have the same or similar setup. If you're referring to my postscript, then that's a general point that despite the fact that almost all of us reading this list are running OS 10.5.6, we do have crucial video, graphics and CPU differences. These can and do affect what results we get and why some of us get nowhere near the same results. For instance, some of my composition posts have required a plethora of plugins and not all would have been installed, otherwise I wouldn't get responses like - only see triangles - when in fact it should have been a far more interesting composition :-)

Needing the plugins and sometimes disabling them temporarily is just something that I find I have to do quite regularly for purposes of avoiding Intel only [or more correctly Intel preferred ] problems with some patches.

I find that the best thing to do to make clip dependent items truly mobile & portable is to reconstruct the item , breaking its association with the clip and place it as a distinct and unique macro that doesn't require its Application Support derived ancestry.

I see you've used Gaussian blur in your Spirograph - different post I know - , which I found when I reconstructed a purely Apple's only patches PPC oriented re versioning of your Spirograph sometime ago to functionally be rather more lightweight.

Don't know if you've noticed, but if you push the blur amount up to the maximum then you can [might] get a crash. Gaussian blur - AOK when being given Smoothed values, just doesn't like being pushed too far I guess.

How anthropomorphic :-)

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Re: It's the Fixed Ratio - K.I.S.S Solution

Response much appreciated. These issues get murky in practice. It's hard work keeping it simple! :)

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Re: vade's plugins glitching

I know you have already found the answer for this. But if you come into any more issues, I raised this bug couple of weeks ago, the link is

There is also another issue that if the video has a negative bound it will be all black.


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Re: vade's plugins glitching

yeah, i've been following that post. i love vade's plugins and i like the way he thinks about programming patches-- looks like he's on top of things for future releases, too. thanks so much.