wwdc wonderwall of iPhone apps

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For those of us who aren't at WWDC or watching the qc-dev list, vade posted this link


One of the photos reads "It was programmed in Quartz Composer using new OpenCL APIs." So all NDA-aware hinting is now in the open i guess. cwright please join the dots...

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Re: wwdc wonderwall of iPhone apps

usefuldesign.au wrote:
So all NDA-aware hinting is now in the open i guess. cwright please join the dots...

I don't believe the NDA's lifted, but anyone who wasn't expecting OpenCL in QC is fooling themselves (I mean, come on, there's GLSL, CoreImage, and Javascript -- what other dynamic languages are there in OS X that aren't supported in QC? That's right, just AppleScript).

As for the wall -- it was designed by Alessandro, as far as I know. He attempted to use PerformanceInspector to improve performance, but then discovered PI doesn't work so well in SnowLeopard yet. did some hacking, sent some betas, but I'm not sure if I actually helped any or not. (probably not, as the strangeness in QC-SL is very difficult to PI to work around, and my 30-minute bandaid on it definitely isn't correct, and probably isn't even useful... but who knows)

(oh yeah -- and they've finally improved iterator performance significantly -- in previous dev seeds the performance wasn't noticeably higher, but as of 10a354 it's pretty streamlined)

(edit -- further analysis: This is run by 20 Mac Pros (1 screen per mac), each screen has 1000 apps. Rendering 1000 sprites isn't particularly expensive, switching textures 1000 times is. The images could all be baked into a single large texture though, with CL doing the ripple stuff. I mean absolutely no disrespect, but this isn't pushing the envelope outside of QC -- in QC, however, it's a fantastic demonstration of how rad QC-SL will be, and why we're probably going to abandon QC-Leopard dev as soon as it hits the shelves.)

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Re: wwdc wonderwall of iPhone apps

So openCL in QC would mean fast c-Array stuff like has been speculated about on these threads as a matter of course? Or will Kineme have to make custom patches?

Either way it's exciting to see it confirmed with the wall and v cool if that's being driven with iterators, whoo.

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Re: wwdc wonderwall of iPhone apps

I can't really get into that.

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Re: wwdc wonderwall of iPhone apps

if you have an iphone developers certificate you can check some openAL code out, it is similar 2 openCL. i think the openAL example is os 2 ? not sure but os 3 is GM so i think the non disclosure confidentiality stuff is lifted for openAL ? i don't know i can't keep up with what is ok to talk about or not. i just assume all beta apple stuff has an NDA and its ok for developers to talk about. sort of what happens in fight club stays in fight club kind of moto. seeing that there are a lot of kineme heads here that work for apple im pretty sure chris does not want to connect any dots. pretty sure openCL will be open soon, so if you know openGL you'll probably fit right in. the hint i will give in reference to kineme stuff and SL is take out your GLSL plugin it will cause problems.

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Re: wwdc wonderwall of iPhone apps

OpenAL's been open for probably half a decade - http://openal.org/ I remember poking at it briefly way back when I was in college (and an idealistic linux coder).

OpenCL's been open for months -- people don't seem to notice this, but it's not been a secret for at least half a year. http://www.khronos.org/opencl/ I read the spec in January, and it was available a little before that.

GLSL isn't a problem in SL -- it's only flaky in the dev seeds (like many many other features) because it requires near-perfect driver functionality, which has been severely lacking in my experience. 10a354 a few months ago was the first build that was useful at all for me, and even then many things didn't work at all, driver-wise. I'm guessing 10a380 (WWDC seed) is even more polished, but since we're not at wwdc this year, it's difficult to tell :/

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Re: wwdc 2001

don't feel bad about not being a wwdc this year chris have a look at the attached pic, then feel bad for me cause its been almost a decade for me. your rockin right now apples put you up as top choice on apple downloads for qc builder i think. would have thought you would be there this year for some reason. i don't blame you for not going though, its is a bit pricy. im a college student now so its to pricy for me. they send some kids from my school to wwdc as part of the new media program.

im interdisciplinary so i don't really belong to the new media department but they are the apple people. im pushing towards the the spatial side of things more in particular oracle spatial which is composed of all graduates from the university i go to. it seems like thats my best shot at working for the software industry seeing my aunt is oracles politician. someday i might release an app of my own ? not sure why oracle needs a politician to lobby for them but must have something to do with those government agency that don't exist ??

im about to try the seed 10a380. i have tried a few of them, it seems the progression of QC actually did change a bit from seed to seed. but yeah defiantly some driver issues and what not. nothing related to qc but lets say saving tablet preferences and stuff was buggin me with SL, the little things like that and every time you open QC it asks for the k3d plug in key. i suppose collada changes k3d but i bought k3d so im still going to use it when i can.

i haven't tried any of the openCL stuff yet just messed with the mesh template but what ever changes where made in snow leopard makes it run like a chetah. i know the cool QC improvements can only run on my geforce but on my gma 950 card things that would run at 10 frames/second now run at like 200 frames/second ! which blew my mind i was expecting a little boost but its massive.

yeah openAL i guess has been in the gaming world for a bit. i never messed with it till the iphone but has some wicked spatial panning and orientation etc... im looking forward to teaching myself both AL and CL.

anywho take a look at the pic i just took hope it makes you feel better about missing wwdc.

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