zxing qr code reader

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Hey, just wondering if anyone has messed with zxing (google) or any comparable qr code software. Ive seen a video of someone using zxing in windows w/ processing as a fiducial tracker with metadata built into the qr code. Zxing is written in the java environment and I don't know enough about it to really know if there are implementation possibilities, but was thinking that it would be cool to see a qr code tracker in Quartz or even a qr code decoder.

What are your all's thoughts?

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Re: zxing qr code reader

the repository says they have an iphone version with the obj c client built. so it may be possible to make a plugin without having to convert java to obj c. if you want to do things fiducially you might want to look at the ar toolkit. there is all ready existing plug-ins for the ar toolkit.

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Re: zxing qr code reader

Hello, an old topic I know, but I want to know if someone found a way to read QR code in Quartz Composer...

Thanks, Alain