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Hi, I'm new here, so... hi to everyone :)

I have been searching for a solution for the aliasing in QC and I haven't found a solution. Most of the info I have read isn't very new, so I was wondering if there has been any change about this recently.

I read that you can use ATI Displays to "force" FSAA, but unfortunatly it does not work on my Intel Mac (not even that "beta" version that is floating arround, 4.5.9?).

I have tried to render the image 2x or 4x the resolution and then resize, but my composition is quite heavy, and my framerate drops to 8fps.

I'm working on an application running my composition on full screen. It is posible to do something at the application level to enable FSAA? I do not have much knowledge of OpenGL at this time.

Thanks in advance :)


I forgot to mention that I'm talking about 3D geometry here. My composition uses cubes and sprites mainly.

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Inside QC, antialiasing is tricky, and there's not really a good way to handle this (there's not really an exposed set of context flags available to tweak to enable it).

Outside of QC (in your app, for example), it's not very difficult -- you have to create a CGLContextObj with the proper flags and buffer (multisample buffers and flags), enable multisampling, and then create the QCRenderer from that context. It should then render with FSAA without needing any modification.

I don't have the exact details on how to set these things for the context, but apple's documentation at are pretty clear about getting that going.

Maybe someone can drop an example eventually?

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Thanks a lot :) I'm not

Thanks a lot :)

I'm not sure I can do that at this point, I'll try it eventually.

And yes, it'd be nice if someone has an example or more details to share.