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Hi everyone. I'm a university student and we have just been given a new assignment involving arduino boards. I'm really lost as to where to start or approach this assignment. I want to send a live video through a web cam wirelessly to the arduino and further more use a sensor to change the image in someway when people come closer. Any Ideas or advice on how to go about this? I have recently finished an assignment using quartz so am fairly comfortable with the basics, is that able to be used in sync with arduino, how easy is it? Any help you could give me would be awesome! Cheers.

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From what (admittedly little) I know about arduino boards, I'd guess that streaming video, and processing video on the arduino itself would be way too much for the board to handle. What are the requirements of the assignment? It could be used to detect proximity somehow (light sensor?), while QC could be used to do the actual video processing if that's valid.

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basically we have to make an interactive installation using the arduino board in some way. I am a complete newbie when it comes to electronics and the arduino so pretty lost where to begin. is it relatively easy to have the arduino board working with QC? cheers for any help

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Our Serial IO Patch (available as a beta) communicates with the arduino rather well for us -- others have had different experiences.

Usually the arduino is used to record or output analog or simple digital data -- this can be fed into QC to control various aspects of the composition.

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so would i be able to connect some sort of sensor up to the arduino then the information it receives can go into QC and be used? do i just use the code/plugin you recommended?

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more complicated

Yes, the arduino was designed to have sensors connected :) So that part's cool.

You'll have to use the plugin in QC to get data in/out, and you'll have to write code to run on the arduino to capture whatever data you're wanting. That's beyond the scope of this site though... :/ There are some knowledgeable arduino users lurking here though, hopefully one will chime in soon...

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Alright thanks for the help that's a good starting point for me!! Will have a look at the QC plugin and hopefully can find some code etc and go from there....

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i am one of those who cannot get the serial patch to work properly :/ i have found a nice workaround for the arduino<->QC connection though. i use processing for communication with the arduino and then i'll have processing send the data as osc-messages to quartz. this works very well for me.

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yoki - would it be possible

yoki - would it be possible to see how you have achieved this? It sounds very promising for a project that i am working on.

Thanks in advance

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I'd also like to see this

I'd also like to see this implementation if you wouldn't mind sharing it!

Cheers Niall