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So it occurred to me that QC just doesn't get the coverage or publicity that it should. It does a lot of phenomenal stuff, and people have some really great compositions with it, but it's just not very well known.

What do you guys think about some sort of Ironcoder type event with various categories? 24 hours (or whatever time period) to bang out the most impressive comp? I'm not sure what to do about prizes or whatever, but I thought I'd shoot that idea out there.

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psonice does lots of work in demoscene stuff (very similar, with constraints and everything), maybe you both could bounce this idea back and forth a bit and see what comes of it :)

I'd love to see such a contest :)

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xmas competition?

I'll probably be too busy with a big project I'm working on, but perhaps I can help anyway.

As it happens, I used to organise some mac demo competitions, called "rushed metal". Similar principle: fairly short deadline, and some interesting rules to make it fun (like a theme, or bonus points for having 'special features' - one of the special features was to make a demo that ran inside it's own dock icon, like this: ).

And completely by coincidence, a guy known as 'DaD1916' is trying to get a fast mac demo competition going for christmas. He's put a post up about it on the forum here: and I'll add a link to this discussion there.. I think a combined competition would rule. QC stuff and demo stuff are very close to each other, the main differences being that QC stuff is often interactive, and demo stuff tends to be built as an executable and has a fixed length. There have been interactive demos before, and demos that run forever mind :)

I suggest we discuss it here, and I'll duplicate the discussion over on (and perhaps some other demo sites) so it gets seen.