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These look cool No info as yet on the UK Korg site, as far as I can tell. Wonder when they'll be released. I particularly like the look of the Nano Kontrol, though the Nano Pad also looks cool, with it's X-Y pad.

Talking of controllers, I've just got a 2nd-hand A5 Wacom tablet, wondering if anyone's used these in QC. Looks like they could be pretty coos with the Tablet Patch- it's got pressure sense, x and y tilt, x and y position and 4 different momentary controllers, so could make quite a nice tactile controller, potentially, as well as the obvious potential for drawing/painting type things.


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All the time...

I use wacom tablet from 14 years and i'am happy ...:) A5 is for me the better format, you can keep it in your bag (just one centimeter) What is cool is the silence ! mouse clic :) It is very fun with all type of work : editing, compositing, 3D even with music sequencers ! Sometimes I want to kill gui designers to put littles buttons in their software... With QC, it is a lot of fun because you can design little tools to enter value on screen ( i found that some keyboard short cuts + drag the stylet on the screen is very confortable for jog thru patchtime, increment values and 3D orientation.

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there will never be the perfect midi controller...

...this is one thing i have become sure of. all you can do is buy the cheapest thing that gets you mostly there. currently, i'm on a behringer bcf2000 and a bcd3000; more than enough buttons and sliders. and if it gets trashed, they're cheap enough to replace without batting an eyelid.

tablets, however, are brilliant. i can't say mine gets much use day-to-day, but yep its a brilliant thing to have around. i used to gig with it too, its wonderful how they pack wafer thin next to the laptop.