Counter, Reset, looping error...

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Hi, I would like to reset a Counter when it reach a specific value. I try to use a Conditional, but it doesn't work... I connect the Count Value of the Counter into the first value input of the Conditional, then i define the Condition and the Second Value parameters of my Conditional, and when i try to connect the boolean output of the Conditional to the Reset input of the Counter: QC don't want to make the loop ! Coud you explain me how to cross over looping problem like that...

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If you're on Tiger, there's no way for QC nodes to connect like that.

If you're on Leopard, it should work as expected.

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The big Jump...

Well, i was waiting to install Leo on my "faster/pro-computer" because i'm working with it... ;) Now, with limitation (and many others !) i have to do "the big jump"... Thanx for all cwright.

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I'm not sure if they work on Tiger or not, but you could try using our Spooky Patch -- that allows you to pass values back higher in the graph without noodles...

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math expr + conditional

thank you so much chris. i didn't know that one could use conditionals within a mathematical expression patch. this will save me some patches, plus it is graphically much easier to understand...