How does the speech patch work?

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What does it nee to be connected to to make it work? Also can I use the print string patch to feed text to it? It doesn't seem to work with it.

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The speech patch is Tiger-only, so if you're using it on Leopard it probably won't function correctly.

There's an example plugin that does the same thing, designed for Leopard. You should give that one a shot.

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Speech via javascript

I've been thinking of using speech too, but I can't use any plugins for this project. Is it possible to use speech in any other way, via javascript or whatever? Or is it possible to use speech within a web page, that may be possible to use.

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I don't think there are any speech bindings via javascript. It may be possible within a webpage, but I don't know if you'll be able to do anything but static pre-recorded samples. I don't think there's a way to execute flash in QC, and probably not a way to render webpages either (there's a webkit renderer feature request floating around somewhere), so that might not be possible either...

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Looks like that plan is out of the window then.

I've had a quick check into the webkit rendering possibilities using a nasty hack or two, and had no luck so I guess that's not possible without a plugin. It's surprising what does actually work with a bit of hacking though - like the image importer patch actually supports .pdf files and probably others, but try getting it to load one the normal way :)