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You have certainly see the incorporation of (the awesome processing) magnetosphere from Robert Hodgin Flight404 to itunes. Any idea of the implementation ? Would it be possible to design a sort of processing layer (with OSC input ) as a QC plugin ?


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Processing is Java-based, so

Processing is Java-based, so unless I'm completely off-beam (as is often the case), what you'd basically be doing is writing a Java (rather than JavaScript) plugin for QC. If you're going to write in Java, you may as well use Processing.

Having said that, it might be worth working out the kind of things Processing can do, and QC can't, and making discrete plugins for those particular functions. For example, the Magnetosphere stuff, as I understand it, is all done with particles and magnetic field attraction/repulsion equations. Making a fast plugin to do that in QC would be a really cool idea (though the current Kineme Particle Tools set can probably do some of the same things already- regrettably I haven't had time to investigate).


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Xcode understand java ...

Thanks to investigate alex. I'am certainly more completly off-beam as you ;) I was wondering what was the process to convert a processing (java) scketch to an itunes visualizer...And I said to myself that if a processing scketch can play in itunes probably it will be possible to map it on a special QC layer...or perhaps we can have an Xcode projects template that build a QC plug from a Processing scketch base....

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I'm not sure where I read

I'm not sure where I read this, but I think the Magnetosphere visualizer was originally written in Processing, then ported into C (or C++, can't remember) by someone other than the Flight404 guy. Vague, I know, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't converted straight from a Processing sketch into an iTunes Visualizer in 'one step' as it where.


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"one step"

one-step language translation isn't really possible -- unless you wrote an entire JVM in C/C++/ObjC, and even then there are just things that are too weird (like garbage collection, threads, etc) to really work without understanding what's going on, and how to do them in both languages.

Xcode can support java as a language, but it cannot make it work in an ObjC application automatically. There are a lot of comp-sci-esq issues with this sort of exercise that I don't want to get into here.

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If it was rewritten in C, I

If it was rewritten in C, I don't see why it couldn't be made into a Obj-C QC plugin :)

If you had the sourcecode, of course.....


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right :)

yep, it wouldn't be a problem. Above, I was just saying that the translation wouldn't be "automagical". If your source was correct in that it was C, then the translation was done (by a human, no doubt).

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ive been thinking of a

ive been thinking of a webkit plugin, which would let you load processing patches within the webkit java plugin...

does kineme have a webkit pkugin in the works?

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Via quicklook ?

What about read an html page via quicklook...Chris you have had success with flash and html as i know...