Just found something totally brilliant & 3D

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by Ian Grant

has been posted @


Some amazing 3D related stuff - totally awesome & well annotated - unlike most [any] of mine :-) .

Just in case it had passed you by.

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I was supposed to be meeting

I was supposed to be meeting this guy a while back. He works at a nearby university, and was planning to write a book on QC, apparently. I think he got a promotion at work though, and has been very busy ever since. Not heard from him for ages...

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Yeah, I was in on that a little bit (logging the development of a plugin, so he could illustrate official-api and unofficial-api development procedure/practice...) Very talented guy though :)

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You could probably look up

You could probably look up some of the progress of discussion on the developer mailing list archives if you haven't already.

I might be wrong, but he did the really cool version of Yellowtail for Quartz Composer.

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Yellowtail quartz composition

Yellowtail was actually brought to the world as a quartz patch by Andrew Pouliot of darknoon blog

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Ah cool... I couldn't

Ah cool... I couldn't remember.

Check this post out for a couple of "paint" things I posted along time ago that work with optical flow, and ar. One of them uses the yellowtail plugin. I'm pretty sure that everything necessary is zipped up (except for maybe any kineme plugins that are needed, since they are hosted here anyway... can't remember).


edit... hmmm, maybe I never posted the yellowtail one... this is with the kineme particle paint. I'll look around and see if I still have it.

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motion painting.

haha george your freak...i don't know if you got a girl or not but my wife thinks im nuts always waving at my camera playing air violin while i flick the lights on and off to get some photo cell numbers to change on my ardunio....

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Some DN Yellowtail derived work

I don't recall a post with .qtz examples for the patch the Kineme site already has a link for @ 3rd Party Plug ins

You'll find attached below some reworkings I made of the original Mouse event driven model in DNYellowtail example compositions, that I have tried, with varying degrees of success, to make somewhat audio responsive.

Basically a mathematically amplified audio derived number is pumped through to the x & y inputs on the DN Yellowtail plug in.

Use has also been made of Render in Image.