Kineme WiiMote Patch --- Conflicts with other WiiMote Patch

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Hi all, i can't get the wiimote patch to run properly: the wiimote just doesn't connect.... What's the proper way to go: 1. enable bluetooth 2. launch quartz (the patch exits QC if bluetooth is disabled) 3. press the red button (inside battery) of the wiimote ?

That's what i do and it just doesn't work. Am I missing something here ?


Edit: sorted it out.

I had 2 different patches that shared the same framework.

I removed one and now your patch is working....

sorry for disturbing

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Wiimote connect

I'm not sure how to connect the wiimote, I have the patch connected to the rotation of a cube. I press 1 and 2 on my wiimote and nothing. Do I need to run any other app? My bluetooth is on, I tried pairing it with the bluetooth utility but is asking me to enter a number on my wiimote.

I just tested with VIDMX and it worked great but it doesn't in QC

Any ideas?

OK i figured out I just had to be patient and hold the buttons for longer

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little red button

Usually, I don't use the 1+2 buttons, but the red sync button next to the batteries; either way, the do the same thing. You'll know it's ready to connect when Blue LED's at the bottom flash for a bit.

It's also a bit picky about connecting sometimes still... not much I can do about that part at the moment though :/

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RVL enabler if it still doesn't work

for connection problems: i personnally used RVL enabler once, then everything seemed to sorted out, naturally (how strange...)