Mandelbrot QCPlugin announced

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MachineCodex Software is proud to announce the availability of our new Mandelbrot plugin for Quartz Composer.

Update 31st August 2008: MandelbrotQC 0.6a released. This version significantly improves rendering speed.

Mandelbrot is a custom patch for Quartz Composer which generates an image of the Mandelbrot or Julia sets with parameters for zoom, x, y, colour, colouring algorithm, and more.

  • Fully animatable
  • Zooms in up to 1,000,000 x magnification
  • 5 different colour algorithms
  • Renders to an Image output port
  • Customisable size
  • Mandelbrot and Julia algorithms

You can download the free patch from:

There is a discussion about using the Mandelbrot QC patch at:

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Re: Mandelbrot QCPlugin announced

This link is now a dead link since you've re-organized your product range.

Neutrino looks great BTW.

Pretty much a solid replacement for iTunes.

Interesting to note that it disables the right to play unauthorised protected files.

Secure. :-)