Midi help needed

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I'm sorry guys.. you've got to help Mr dum dum on this one... `i've just invested in a control 25 Carillon


got a very good deal on it.. and it works with reactor fantastic !!! but I;m trying to get the contolers to react with my quratz patch

Just imagine you are speaking to a small child and walk me though this (gig in a few day time doing the visuals and I dont want to appear a total fool)..

here the patch Im trying to control... its good fun anyway so feel free to have a play

BTW you will need the GL tool

for this to work....

please Help you kind people... Thanks MArk

spline test07A.qtz60.48 KB

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Basic mistake.. My mac book was'nt finding the midi signal.. therefore nothing in quartz worked...

turned the unit on/off made sure in the system that the midi was connected and everything worked...