NSButton problem (not Kineme plugin related)

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Hi there, i might be a little bit off topic, but anyone ever managed to make a TRIGGER button (bang) when binding a nib to a QC patch ? I can do Toggles, but i'm turning mad as it seems not to be possible (can it ?) under Interface builder to make a proper "bang" (momentary push in style) . (except from building one's own button class, which i'm totally uncapable of) Thanks if anybody can be of any help (i'm totally desperate)

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(I wish Tiger's IB ran under Leopard...) In the inspector panel, isn't there a configuration setting that says "momentary push button" or something to that effect? Maybe that's what you're looking for. I'm almost certain subclassing is overkill.

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i ran into this with the

i ran into this with the *spark titler. i think the non-momentary buttons are the only ones that give a boolean as their state.

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Continuous state

thanks guys. finally i managed a button that sends bang by checking the "continuous" box in IB and by adding a pulse patch on the QC side. Sometimes little things are so hard to achieve....

EDITED: continuous state has nothing to do with this. A pulse patch on the QC side will simply allow to convert an IB toggle button to a bang.... Right now that's the only trick i could find.

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Re: Continuous state- NS Button momentary

Franz, Did you ever get this sorted .

Im having a similar problem trying to use momentary buttons to sync with pulse objects within QC . Assigning On/Off buttons is easy but looks stupid to a user who has to be told to press these buttons twice all the time.

Essentially I want reset buttons, buttons that just send a pulse.

What are the options here?


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Re: Continuous state- NS Button momentary

Ade, the pulse patch can have it's detection mode set to "Both" this will watch for leading edge ("on") and trailing edge ("off") value changes. (Can't help with NIB side of things, sorry)

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Re: Continuous state- NS Button momentary

Thanks 'useful'!

Works like a dream,