Processing interaction? Funnel?

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I am having a hard time figuring out how to get this one working. I am throwing this out there because I figure it may be of interest... it seems interesting to me but the Processing examples aren't working, and the plug in seems to not be working right? Or I am doing something wrong?

I know this is NOT kineme stuff, but I thought this may be of general interest, especially to someone who could understand it ;o)

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Do you have the Gainer Hardware ? Strangely, if the Gainer is based on a PSoC (Cypress), the port drivers are FTDI based... (they say FT232RL). So i guess QC related problems should be the same as Arduino or UsbDMX to QC. Same driver, same problem.

What's the advantage of using a Gainer card instead of an Arduino ? Apparently it has less inputs, less outputs, same price, so if there is an advantage it should be on the software part.... Do you know any place that sells pre-assembled Gainer module ?