QC + Multiple Displays

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I've got a project coming up that's going to require multiple displays, probably 4-5. What sort of things do I need to look out for that you more experienced guys have run into using multiple video outputs? Any experiences with QC Visualizer?

Gimme a brain dump!

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Look at network patches for syncing

I am decidedly inexperienced in this, but I have been looking into multiple displays as well. May not be your same use case. Check my post where I collected some links:


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One of the things I was

One of the things I was cuious about was what kind of equipment people had used to split the video signal, what people had used before successfully... any thoughts?

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QC viz

hi quartz composer visualizer efficiently splits your comp into as many displays as you want - it may be on multiple computers synced or one big octocore with 4 gfx cards... or both it is located around the usual dev. folder - but you may have to compile it - i personnally managed to split one comp on 5 mbp wirelessly -and zero config via bonjour - in about .... 2 minutes hope that helps