QC Trial Limitations?

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QuartzCrystal seems to be just what I'm looking for, but I'm giving the trial version a test first.

When I render my compositions I see a bunch of black boxes over it -- I assume this is the watermarking. But it also renders only the first frame of the composition! Is this a bug? Normal behavior? Or am I just missing something basic?


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spots and dashes

The black spots are the watermarking -- fairly hard to miss :)

Not sure about the first frame thing -- can you send your composition to info@kineme.net, and we'll do some testing on it? Some compositions don't work properly, and some work strangely in the unregistered version lately...

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Single use keys

It might be worthwhile to have single-use keys to help troubleshoot things like that. You could give him a key to use to try to render the composition once in case the problem was his hardware configuration or something. The key would only be good for one rendering and then would expire.

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I was thinking about that last night as well :) Not sure how to reliably implement it, but it's on my mind, don't worry :)

[by the way, it was an unregistered problem.. works fine in the registered version, so it looks like a bug crept in somewhere.. more to fix...]