QC for live show

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I'm planning on using QC for a live show. I would like to have 10 different patches on my editor and be able to touch keys on my computer or midi keyboard to trigger them. Ideally I would like to be able to do a quick fade so it is not a harsh transition.

any ideas on how to do the fading?

any ideas on how to control the hue of all patches?

is there a way to talk to a sub-patch from the main stage?

thank you

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You can use one BIG patch to

You can use one BIG patch to control multiple sub-patches. You'd use the keyboard node to trigger events, like the fading, which would be just an animation of the alpha component.

Sub-patch / Main patch communication is achieved by publishing input/output ports of any kind of node. (Right click then publish).

You can also use a third party APP that would mix your QTZ files. try QC Composition Repository (included in the dev. tools). Or try VDMX5, they have a free beta. www.vidvox.net