Quartz Composer for the iPhone

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Apple included the Quartz Composer with the iPhone SDK but I haven't been able to find any information that actually links the two.

Is there anyone out there that knows if you can actually include quartz compositions in iPhone apps?


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You can "include" as in "put the composition file in the App bundle", but as far as actually using it/playing it on an iPhone (which is almost certainly what you were interested in), that's not possible with the current API (unless 2.1 added some new features -- I must admit I don't follow iPhone dev all that closely)

QC has come with Apple's developer tools since Tiger and XCode 2.1 -- bundling it with the iPhone SDK isn't anything radical :)

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To make that a little clearer (and apple could really do with doing this too!), the 'iphone sdk' is actually the normal mac sdk, but with iphone tools included. So you get things like QC that have basically nothing to do with the iphone (at least at this stage) included.

Having said that, I'd love to see QC for iphone personally. I know how limited it would be, but I still reckon I could do some really cool stuff :)