RGB color patches to build mini-structure ?

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Is it a good idea to build mini-structures (4 arrays) with a couple of RGB to color and Color to RGB patches ? This is not a regular method,I know.... I'am answering myself what happen inside those patches?

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Can't see why not, but why?

I can't see any problem with doing it, and I think it will take very little cpu time. But why do you need to do it? Are you building a structure of colours?

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structure of colors

There isn't really a "color structure" in QC, in the way that most QC structures work, but it's a similar idea: instead of a single value being passed around (like 0, or 1, or 42, or 7.351), a color is a collection of 4 values (R, G, B, and A) -- so it's sort of like a structure, but without being able to access it like a structure.

It's a pretty fast operation, and it only executes when the inputs change (so it only runs on the first frame that you change an input, then it just reuses the same value each additional frame until you change an input value).

They did it this way because it's easier to operate on "colors" by splitting them apart and rejoining them than it is to make every patch color-aware (math and Math Expression, mostly I guess...)