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I have been working on a display of weather data which displays number values. These values come in from a weather station as a string. From there I have a basic understanding of what happens to them but I do not know all of the actual mechanics for what happens (that is the part that I am hoping some one here can shed some light on). The strings get converted to an integer or floating point value and then rounded, converted to a string, and displayed to the screen. Sometimes the rounding is wrong though.

In the example I have attached the values go through a unit conversion and the resulting value is the one that is rounded incorrectly. I assume this is because floating point numbers just aren't always accurate. Is there anything that I am missing or some way to round these values correctly?

rounding problem.qtz7.51 KB

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this looks like a mix between truncation, and rounding.

there's no floating-point rounding control in QC, so it's rather difficult to do.

Javascript seems to round differently from the round patch as well.

try this javascript patch after the "km/100" patch:

function (__string outputNumber) main (__number inputNumber, __number len)
   var result = new Object();
   result.outputNumber = inputNumber.toString().substring(0,len);
   return result;

make len something like 4 or 5, and it'll make it that long at most. However, it's not quite necessary since js rounds it properly to 9.2..... shrugs

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Works great and super fast as usual!