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Hi everyone. I stumbled on this site when I googled "quartz composer serial". I tried the serial patch, but it only occasionally works for me. I'm using an FTDI chip for programming/communicating with a Propeller chip from Parallax. I decided to give quartz a try because I don't have the time to invest in a Cocoa application for my purpose. I'm building a high altitude balloon which will be transmitting telemetry strings, ie. lat, long, speed, altitude.

My question is, is this patch still in development? And if not, is there somewhere I can get the source to try and replicate its functionality in Cocoa? I've tried using AMSerialPort, but this patch does exactly what I need.



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this patch is still under development. e-mail, and I'll get you the latest build source we've got so you can tweak/peek at it as you see fit.