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So I'm working on a project that is essentially a QC frontend for OBD-II/CanBUS information that will be obtained via the Kineme Serial patch. I'm looking for some suggestions on how to parse information coming in from /dev/tty, and then match the corresponding codes from the serial bus to a table of definitions. Here are some of my key questions:

Would a flat file like an xml document be ideal for something like this or would something like the SQL Lite plugin be better suited?

How could I prioritize certain codes (portions of the string) such as a cylinder misfiring over something like the car door being open?

I realize that this is sort of a niche idea, and I really need to see how the data is outputted from the OBD-II serial bus, but I'm trying to get a rough idea of how I should structure this composition before launching myself full fledged into it. I figured you guys would be the ones to spring this amorphous blob of an idea on.

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Nothing Constructive To Suggest

.. I just like the idea of someone springing an amorphous blob :D


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from the hip

I'm not personally familiar with CanBUS/OBD-II, but isn't such data very structured (such that having a correct parser that reads entire OBD packets and outputs appropriate values)? If so, it might actually be worth it (in terms of sanity) to make a custom patch that parses these. Then you can you some logic to handle events properly.

XML would be well-suited for this, sqlite probably not so much (but that depends on how you implement it I guess).

As an arm-chair car geek, I'd love to see this come to fruition; I would use it myself when my car starts acting strangely.

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Writing the custom patch may

Writing the custom patch may be a little out of my reach right now but I think I'll eventually get to that point.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how I'll be able to reference the codes that the OBD2 bus generates against a table of definitions. Once I'm able to actually get the information into QC in a recognizable format I'll be able to do all kinds of neat stuff. One idea I had was once the 3d plugin is released, you could have a wireframe model of your car, with certain areas that light up when attention is needed. It will probably be extremely basic to start with, but I think some really cool things could come from it.

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I love that idea :) Now I just need to buy an Audi, and this composition will come in handy:

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