Track info (HUD) patch ?

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anybody have an idea and can explain the function of the "track info (HUD) " virtual patch in QC ?

This is a red it should display something...

HUD :head-up display, is any transparent display that presents data without obstructing the user's view.

Seems interesting....:)

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It takes a structure input (you probably discovered that), but it apparently needs a special format. Not sure of the details, but I'm guessing something outputs a structure it can use. I've not found one that does anything yet though.

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HUD patch (a structure to generate a HUD ?)

Perhaps for itunes ?

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Wow, something I can

Wow, something I can actually answer on these forums!

This patch duplicates functionality found in the Music Visualizer template included in QC Leopard; under the "HUD" macro patch it creates.

You can get it to show up if you have iTunes running with this template open and turn on visualization (don't minimize iTunes as it will turn of visuals and stop your patch from working). It reads from the template patches Track Info, Track Position and Track Signal. It will show up on the bottom left hand side of your composition.

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it is for displaying the track' info currently playing by iTunes.

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Re: Wow, something I can

Thanks for this post... it is older, but it hadn't occurred to me that a problem I was having recently when using the HUD patch was that I had iTunes minimized.

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Re: Wow, something I can

Sorry to bump this thread back in to reality, but the HUD patch doesn't do anything in my composition. With Itunes on or off, maximised or minimised..

I'am working on a MBP with Mac OS X 10.5.6. Also installed iVisualise to get my composions running in iTunes. Could the problem be there?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance, grrrrrtz